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About us


Vlig is a new company on the market founded by two brothers after many years of experience in drilling. The idea appeared after the analysis of the operation of drilling machines. Their principles, purposes and power. It was obvious that we can place a different value to the market – Vlig machines for well drilling. By establishing the balance between quality, design and price. This is what makes our machines unique.

Since 2016 we are portable water well drilling rig manufacturers of an electric-powered portable series, VB1 – RIG and VB1 – Lite. They are ideal for well drilling, geo-thermal and geo-technical drilling. A lot of constant improvements make the portable series more useful and more durable. In 2017, we launched a few more products which created the H series. The H series are rinsing heads that can be installed on any portable or larger drilling machines besides on our machines.

What does our company do? – Production and sales of well drilling machines.

We are water well drilling rig manufacturers and sell machines for multi-purpose drilling. Since your satisfaction, as well as the innovation of our products are very important to us, we pay special attention to providing services.

It is important to mention that, even though each machine can drill in all the soil formations, only the right choice of tools can save your time and have the desired results. Of course, we are here to help you in that choice!

The main parts of the tools are the drilling pipes and the drilling head. In pipes, it is important which material they are made of, and in the drilling head which soil formation it is used for. In our program we have got the above mentioned tools and, upon request, we advise our clients what the best option for their need is. The components we use in manufacturing and assembling are of the latest generations, and thus we exclude the possibility that, when being serviced, it is not possible to find the part for the replacement or that such a part could be very expensive because it is hard to find or produce.

Among other things, we also produce rinsing heads – H Series and heads for air drilling – A Series. The rinsing head for well drilling is becoming a product more and more in demand both in our country and in the countries of former Yugoslavia. The reason for the growing demand is that, on the old machines, the system for servicing the rinsing head is complicated and time consuming. There are still a lot of worn-out machines in our region.

Through the analysis of the market and the products of the same category, we have come to a practical solution on how to make a rinsing head that covers the important factors. They are the following:

-Durability of the material
-Practicality and cost-effectiveness of servicing

The metal inside of the head can be damaged by the sand that is circulating in the drilling mud, which is why we use very hard steel that extends its life span. When it happens that the protection from leaking becomes exhausted, then the servicing can be done in the field with minimum effort and time. H series has the possibility of modification. That is why the flang is adjustable to every machine, and the thread at the bottom of the shaft can be made according to the buyer’s needs.

Where do we do our business and who are our clients?

The value of our products has been recognized by the companies operating in civil engineering constructions, building constructions, geo-mechanics, and also the companies which have added well drilling to their scope of work. However, our clients are also courageous individuals who are starting their own business, as well as those who have experience in drilling on oil platforms.

Good cooperation with our clients and the given trust have motivated us to expand our business to the countries in the region – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Macedonia. And the story does not end here! Every day, we are witnessing the growing interest of European and African countries for our production line of machines and tools. That speaks about the quality of our products and proves that the companies see the cooperation with us as a great potential. For us, there is no greater motivation than to continue doing our job to the best of our abilities! boasts of having experienced writers across all subjects. They offer free sample and smart papers with expert analysis. Furthermore, they can provide further proofreading options too. Even though the company makes outrageous claims, college-paper it’s highly unlikely that these professionals are going to be looking for work through You can, however, consider it. Their costs for the top good quality of their services are reasonable due to discount offers and other savings options.