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Vlig is a new company on the market founded after many years of experience in drilling. The idea appeared after the analysis of the operation of drilling machines on the market. It was obvious that we can place a different value to the market – Vlig machines for well drilling.  By establishing the balance between quality, design and price. This is what makes our machines unique.

What does our company do? – Production and water well drilling rig for sale.

Our company primarily deals with the production and sales of drilling machines, but it also services them as well. The servicing is one of the key factors, since it, among other things, helps us in the improvement and innovation of our product. It should be emphasized that each machine can drill in all the soil formations. The choice of the right tool is essential for the speed and success of drilling.

What are well drilling machines?

Well drilling machines are one of the most convenient ways to solve the problem of drinking and technical water. For many years such machines were developed by following the technological trends, and thus facilitating the process of drilling by using new methods that have resulted in greater success as well. Today, the drilling speed has significantly increased, as well as the depth to which the technologically advanced machines can reach.

In time, it has become clear that well drilling machines can serve other purposes as well.  Primarily, it refers to the geo-technological drilling in general, when heat pumps and sondes have become more popular way of providing thermal energy, these machines united in a new, modern category, known as multi-purpose drilling.

Today, more and more producers have become aware of the need for improvement, which reflects in the fact that new and more modern models are being placed on the market. Being aware of the significance of this product, our company has also chosen this activity which can meet the needs of today’s buyers. With that aim, in 2016, we placed the Portable series, called VB1.

The portable machines are convenient because of their small dimensions and excellent performances. It is their simplicity that makes the drilling easier, and the size represents the advantage so that a lot of people can start their business in well drilling.

Some fifty years ago, the size of the machine reflected its power, whereas it is not the case today. In the 1960s, with the appearance of a larger number of agricultural machines and tractors, the producers of the drilling machines came to the idea to install their machines on tractors or to make them more compatible for tractor usage.

When designing our VB1 series of portable drillers, we decided to leave the space for end users to transform their drillers into the tractor machine for well drilling according to their wish and with minimum investing. According to our final design, VB1 – RIG can be driven as a trailer.

It is important to mention that the portable machines can have the same role as a well-drilling truck.  The operating principle is the same, but due to the large dimensions of the trucks, it is impossible for today’s high need for drilling in suburban areas where the space is limited.



In 2016 we started the production of an electric-powered portable series, VB1 – RIG and VB1 – Lite. They are ideal for well drilling, geo-thermal and geo-technical drilling. A lot of constant improvements make the portable series more useful and more durable. In 2017, we launched a few more products which created the H series. The H series are rinsing heads that can be installed on any portable or larger drilling machines besides on our machines.



Our buyers so far have been the companies from various fields of business, from civil engineering constructions, building constructions and geo-mechanics, to those companies that, among other activities, have added well drilling to their scope of work. Some of them are the individuals who start their own business, but also those who already have experience in drilling on oil platforms.

The given trust has motivated us to expand our business in other countries in the region, such as: Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Every day, the interest increases in African and European countries, which shows that the people have recognized a good product and noticed the potential in cooperation with us through the provision via our production line of machines and tools.


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How much is a drilling machine? – Water well drilling machine price and water well drilling rig price

If you want to buy water well drilling rig it is important to take several things into consideration. First, what do you need the drilling machine for, what do you want to use it for and what are the planned drilling depths? Sometimes you can pay a lot and not get what you really need. At best, you can, for a decent amount, by a machine that can meet all your needs. The prices of water well drilling machine manufacturers also vary from one producer to another. That is why it is important to get informed from several sources before choosing the company that will produce such a product for you. The service factor is another thing that requires your attention and consultations with the engineers who designed that machine.

We are striving to make a product according to the needs of our clients. Thus they could save the money and direct it to something else they need, to the functionality of the machine or to the tool.

Is it a good idea to buy a second-hand drilling machine?

So far, we have seen different kinds of second-hand small water well drilling machine, truck mounted water well drilling machine and mini water well drilling machine, both here in Serbia and on foreign websites. The fact is that the majority sells the machines which are in worn-out or disposed condition. In our offer, the exceptions are those machines that companies sell after they have used it for some time in order to finish a certain job or a project.  It is clear that certain work experience is necessary in order to detect some hidden faults when purchasing them. In not careful enough purchasing you get into a risk of ending in a situation that you need help in the field, which is usually very expensive. When buying a machine that way, you also do not get any guarantee for the speed of the machine, so your plans can be fulfilled more slowly than expected, which can then lead to the problems in cooperation with clients.

Our advice is to think twice before buying a second-hand well drilling machine. However, if you are financially forced to buy a second-hand machine, then consider direct the earned money into buying a new machine after some time.

If you are somebody who wants to start their own business and you do not have any previous experience in this field, we advise you to find a mechanic that could help you with this.