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Multi purpose drilling rigs

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GTC 100

Engine power – 25hp   Kubota Diesel
Pull up – 2.5T (2500kg)
Rotary head torque – 1400nm /2800nm  (40 rpm/80 rpm)
Mast movement up and down 500mm
4 stabilizer with block valves
Clamping head 170mm passage
Rotary head stroke 2000mm+

+ retractable tracks
+ winch with mast extension
+ double speed gearbox
+ remote commands for tracks

Multi purpose drilling rigs

GTC is multipurpose drilling rig designed for professional and frequent use.

Machine is easy for handling and operating. Complete system is hydraulic powered with Kubota engine. Because it’s small weight it can be transported in van.

Area of usage:

Water wells
Geothermal drilling
Geotechnical drilling
DTH drilling

GTC offers additional upgrades such as:  winch with extension, double speed gearbox, retractable tacks, remote controlled tracks.

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Vlig is new company on market founded by two brothers after years of experience in drilling business. Idea came after analysis of how drilling machines work. Their principle, purpose and strength. It was obvious that we can bring different value on the the market. By making balance in quality, design and pricing. That is what makes our drilling rigs stand out. Year 2016 we launched portable series powered by electric motors, VB1 – RIG and VB1 – Lite. They are ideal for drilling water wells, geothermal and geotechnical drilling. A lot of constant improvements are making portable series more user friendly and durable. 2017 we launched few more products creating H series. H series are water swivel heads that can be mounted on any portable or larger drilling machine besides our machines.

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