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Anahem D.O.O.ZOOM IN

Anahem is laboratory that is mainly doing analyses of water, air, ground but also other kind of analyses that has for purpose improvement of humans environment.
Anahem has chosen portable model VB1 Lite ’cause of it’s small size and easy transportation handling.
On our customer request, some modifications are made. Bigger wheels for more stability and hitch for pulling up around big construction areas with jeep.


Fontus Water

Using VLIG Rigs, Fontus Water is changing the way the UK customers access and manage their own water.
Mains water costs have increased over 40% since the privatization of water companies in the UK,
and there has been little benefit passed on to tech customer in the way of water usage.
Water restrictions are common during sustained dry periods in teh UK,
but with 85% of tech country sitting above productable water aquifers, Fontus Water provides businesses,
residents and communities access to their own water with a fully automated water well to supply irrigation and domestic water for life.




Clear doo

Clear doo from Pirot is another in a row of satisfied clients. They use the VB1-RIG model for the purpose of drilling the wells 200mm and 150m diameter with the final installation of well casing 125mm.